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NMB Kitchen Plan & Design

Welcome to NMB Manchester Kitchens page. As you have probably noticed from our Portfolio page and pictures we specialize in kitchen design, planning and installation. We only deal with high quality kitchen cabinets, doors and worktops. We are unlike other building companies in that we do not simply buy cheap cabs at B&Q or Howdens and fit to their plans.

We have our own cabinet manufacturers who build all the cabinets to our specifications which means we offer a truly bespoke kitchen service. All kitchen cabinets are rigid built with 18mm furniture grade board and of cam and dowel construction. The cabinets are cam,dowelled and glued in the factory when they are made which ensures they are fully set by the time they are delivered to your home.

We can offer the cabinets in 72 different colours which means that whichever door style and colour you choose we can match the cabinets to suit. The cabinets also have a 2mm PVC edging on the from edge of the cabinet which makes them less prone to damage from being banged. As for door choice, we have numerous suppliers on the door front both based here in the UK and also abroad so if you cannot find the door you want from one of our brochures which are shown on home visits then simply provide us with a picture of the door of your choice and we will source it. We have done this before with a client who was very specific on door choice and we are confident we can supply any door you can find online.

We can also paint doors to a colour of your choice and then match the colour of the cabinets to suit. These sevices are the sort of services you would normally associate with the large national and international kitchen companies whose showrooms you may find on the high streets or large shopping complexes. Their cabinets are no better than ours and in most cases we use exactly the same door suppliers as they do so if you fancy a truly bespoke service on a designer kitchen without the designer kitchen price tags then feel free to give us a call and find out why we have literally hundreds of very happy kitchen customers all over Manchester.

Some our job are shown on this page. We have many more but have now started to take photos of all jobs and all on going jobs will be posted on the website during and after completion.

Our Kitchen design and planning process is very simple and is done in the comfort of your own home without any sales pressure at any stage of the process, we dislike pushy salesmen as much as you do and have never and will never use salesmen. All home plan & design consultations are carried out by Nevin the company owner who is very hands on and still prefers to meet every client in person to get a full understanding of each and every job before it commences. Nevin has a complete understanding of the building trade and can advise of any issues surrounding the kitchen installation which “designers” or “salesmen” cannot.

North Manchester Builders – High Quality Designer Kitchens

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