Kitchen Drawer Systems

Kitchen Drawers and Shelves

So as we all know, kitchen drawers have lots of things we need to store in them (other than bills) we all have “that” drawer. Yes, the one with countless envelopes, string, Selloptape and an old pair of scissors.

Apart from these essential items we also need to be thinking about Pots and Pans, Plates, Cutlery, Serving Dishes and cooking utensils.

Maybe even your spices which more and more people like to keep in a drawer.

Deep Drawers

Deep as in the height of your drawers, not talking string theory or dark matter. We can leave that to the boffins. Seriously though, what will you be storing in the drawers under your hob for example? We would assume you would want to put your pots and pans under the hob so they are easily accessible.

What type of cooking do you do? I tend to do alot of Middle Eastern cooking and i also like to make curries so i have lots of large pans which need a good size drawer and a good height drawer.

Every kitchen will be different so make sure to put some time and thought into how you will use your kitchen and therefore how you will use your drawers. Pans can of course be stored in cupboards but they are much easier to access if in a pullout drawer.

Shallow Drawers

No we are not talking about small minded drawers only interested in your looks we are talking drawers that are vertically challenged unlike their “Deep” counterparts that usually live below them.

So, shallow drawers, home to the cutlery, the cooking utensils and yes the dreaded utility bills!

Not only can we store utility bills in these little beauties but we can also store nice things in nice inserts such as cutlery inserts in a variety of weird and wonderful materials from Sumptuous Oak and Bamboo to steel and even the humble plastic insert.

We can even have hidden cutlery drawers that live behind the door of the deep drawers, sneaky little drawer i hear you say? That may be so, but for those that like a minimalist look these are your friend.

Pull Out Shelves

So as well as an array of different size standard drawers we can also go internal with drawers and pull out mechanisms. Larder drawers are an excellent storage solution whereby you literally have a bank of full height individual drawers sat behind the door of a larder.

You have a choice of metal sides, plastic sides or we even have glass sides which are a really nice feature.

Similar to this idea you could have a traditional pullout larder mechanism which is a mechanism with baskets (usually wire) that pullout on a track which is attached to the cabinet top and bottom.

The baskets are usually wire baskets but you can also have solid bottoms on the baskets and they are available in Chrome, Silver or Anthracite colours.

Never a dull moment in kitchens you know!